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Credits where they are due:
Coding: Elfpvke , December 2015. Mostly Javascript/DOJO. This is partially a learning exercise, so it doesn't look all that great.
Concept and Feriæ: Lord RandomFactor Systems Essential Info 1.1 for DOS, originally released around August 1988.
       Also the tides (probably inaccurate) and the three lunar numbers on the top right; I still have no idea what those mean.
       I was pretty sure that I first found this as STARTUP.EXE from the Freeware Hall of Fame BBS in the early 90s, but it's not on the list of files on
       NOTE: Version 1.1 did not include Chinese, Jewish, or Discordian calendars, and I made minor changes to the Feriæ.
Sunrise/sunset API:
Moon Phase calculator: Google Code repository of public-domain Java version - source code contains more attribution within.
Info on Mayan Calendar (Long Count, Haab, Tzolk'in): Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian
Info on French Republican Calendar: Wikipedia
Info on Discordian Calendar and the (revised) X-Day: Also Wikipedia
Chinese New Year dates: Wikipedia again . I only entered dates from 1970-2049. Outside of those years it's an estimate. Sorry.
Info on Julian Day: Wikipedia. I spend a lot of time there. Also, the calculation of the fractional day is kind of kludgey.